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Financial Fitness Friday

Take Control Of Your Personal Finances In 2023

According to a study by the Ramsey Solutions research team, 40% of Americans say their financial situation has caused them to lose sleep in the past month. If that’s not you, that’s awesome… but it’s likely that it has been you at some point in the past. The reality is, most people were not taught how to take control of their personal finances when they were growing up. Most of us went to “the school of hard knocks” and I have to tell you… at the school of hard knocks… the tuition is high… the homework is hard… and no one forgives your student debt!

The good news is… you can learn how to handle money so that it doesn’t have control over you… you can learn to take control of your personal finances so that you aren‘t living pay check to pay check.

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Woodbridge Garage Sale - Sponsored by FireBoss Realty

Woodbridge Spring 2022 Community-Wide Garage Sale

The Woodbridge Spring 2022 Community-Wide Garage Sale is scheduled for this weekend… April 22-24. If you are looking for some clothing, home decor, furniture, or just random stuff that you can only find at a garage sale… this is a garage sale paradise! MORE THAN 100 GARAGE SALES… ALL IN ONE NEIGHBORHOOD! On the map below… zoom in… click the individual garage sale signs for the addresses, times of operation, and general description of the items offered.

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Texas Tax Free Weekend - FireBoss Realty

Texas Tax Free Weekend 2014 is August 8th – 10th!!!

Texas Tax Free Weekend 2014 is August 8th – 10th The State of Texas officially calls it a Sales Tax Holiday and has scheduled it for this weekend, August 8th thru 10th. All weekend the State will exempt most clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks priced under $100 from sales and use taxes, which could save you about $8.25 on every

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Woodbridge - FireBoss Realty

Woodbridge HOA Board of Directors Meeting Notes

The Woodbridge Homeowners Association Board of Directors met on July 24, 2014, at 7:00 pm at the Woodbridge Golf Club. As a neighborhood Rep for the Meadows, I attended and took these notes. These are not the official minutes just personal notes that I wanted to pass along to any of the Woodbridge Residents that

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Watering Your Foundation ~ It’s A Texas Thing

Foundation movement has caused problems for North Texas home owners since the introduction of slab-on-grade foundations in the 1940’s. The engineering of these foundations was improved with the addition of interior grade beams and post-tensioned cables. These enhancements have lead to the current industry standard Post Tensioned Slab. Even with this improved engineering, the expansive soils

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Dallas Area Fourth Of July Activities

Are you looking for fun Dallas area 4th of July activities? Here’s where you can you can go to celebrate our freedom starting this weekend…     (Click the links for event details) June 27th – Murphy Sounds at Sundown Summer Concert (Murphy) – 7:00 pm – 10:00 pm June 27th – Red, White, & Sousa (Colleyville) – 6:00 pm till 10:00

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Are Your Kids Safe While They’re On The Internet?

In the digital age, our kids have constant access to the internet. Even pre-school and elementary aged kids are running around with electronic devices that are tapped into WiFi networks. Do you know what they are seeing and hearing? Do you know what personal information they may be sharing? Are you safe while you’re on

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