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New Pool Access System – Update Now!

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Last Year, BRIVO Was A Fiasco!!!

Woodbridge has installed a new pool access system… AGAIN!

Last year, Woodbridge installed the Brivo access system for all of the Woodbridge pools. What a fiasco that was!

The Brivo pool access system vendor assured us that they could provide Bluetooth pool access credentials for everyone in Woodbridge with a smartphone and could provide card access to those who did not have a smartphone. That information was not even close to accurate. Once homeowners started applying for credentials, we discovered that they were only able to handle around 4000 Bluetooth credentials… we were going to need 4 to 5 times that number and the board was clear about those specifications when we were soliciting bids on the new system.

We lived with it through the 2023 pool season and even ended up hiring a pool monitor to sit at some of the pools to let people in.

You lived through it so I won’t belabor the point about it being a completely botched implementation.

We were very clear with the pool access system vendor that this system was not what they sold us and they agreed to replace the system with a more robust pool access system at no cost to the Woodbridge HOA.

New Pool Access System

During the off-season, we had the pool access system vendor install the new system.

Again, we’ve been told that this system will be able to provide Bluetooth access using your smartphone for four devices in each household and you have the option to use a pool card like Woodbridge has used since the pools first opened.

Yesterday, First Service Residential sent out an email with the subject line, “New Pool App Download Instructions for Access to Pool”.

Here’s a copy of the email that I received…

Woodbridge Pool Access Email - FireBossRealty.com

So here we go again… and we’re hoping that this implementation goes much smoother!

PDK Pool Access System - Update Now!

To request access to the pools, Click this Link or scan the QR code.

Woodbridge Pool Access QR code - FireBossRealty.com

This is NOT an automated system. This form collects the information and sends it to the staff at First Service Residential. The staff will then confirm the information and issue the digital credentials.

Before receiving the email with your credentials, go to the appropriate app store and download the ProDataKey app.

PDK Access - FireBossRealty.com

Woodbridge homeowners will then receive an email from ProDataKey Cloud Systems with a subject line that reads, “Your ProDataKey credential is ready“. When expecting these credentials, you may want to check your junk mail. Google has changed their security around email and emails from those not in your contact list often end up in the junk mail folder.

When you receive the credential email, click on ACTIVATE and allow the credentials to load. If the credentials do not load, there is also an “Activation Code” listed in the email. Copy and paste that code into the Account>Credentials> Activation code field in the PDK app.

Each household can activate up to four devices.


Can I Just Use My Pool Card?

Last year, we had several residents ask if they could just use their pool card to access the pools. To accommodate residents that would like to use a pool card instead of the Bluetooth option, that is also an option with the new pool access system.

On the bottom of the pool access request form is a space to enter the number on the back of your current pool access card. Entering that number on the form will allow First Service Residential to activate your pool card.

NOTE: The pool card number field is a mandatory field. If you don’t have a pool card, or choose not to use the pool card, just put a NA in that field.

Upgraded Gate Entry Hardware

There have also been changes to the laws regarding the entry hardware required on HOA (public) access pools. The mag lock system was outdated and a cable exit system was added last year to comply with those laws.

This year, all of the pool gates have been upgraded with electronic gate handles that will require appropriate credentials to enter but will allow exit without the use of the accessory red exit button.

Where Are The Woodbridge Pools Located?

Woodbridge has seven pools located at:

7620 Clear Meadow Sachse, TX 75048

3707 Canyon Crest Sachse, TX 75048

7422 Summit Meadow Ln Sachse, TX 75048

7400A Country Club Sachse, TX 75048

6219 Crest Ridge Ln Sachse, TX 75048

331 Creek Crossing Wylie,  TX 75098

3308 Hensley Ln Wylie 75098

Woodbridge Residents have access to all seven Woodbridge HOA Pools.

See the map below for the location of all pools.

Woodbridge Homes for Sale East of Hwy 78

Woodbridge Homes for Sale West of Hwy 78

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