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Woodbridge HOA Front Yard Trees

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How Many Woodbridge HOA Front Yard Trees Are Required?

We get a lot of questions about how many Woodbridge HOA front yard trees are required. 

When Woodbridge was initially established, only one tree was required in the front yard. When the developer began to build on the west side of Hwy 78, the requirements changed to two large trees in the front yard of each property. That requirement was continued through the completion of the Meadows neighborhood and most of the Glens neighborhood.

Just before the transition of the declarant HOA Board to the Homeowner HOA board, the Declarant made several revisions to the CC&R’s. One of those revisions was to move back to requiring just one large tree in the front yard of each property.

Currently in the CC&R’s, Section 8.29 Landscaping and Maintenance requires only one tree with a two inch minimum caliper.

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Woodbridge HOA Front Yard Trees

With all of the tree damage from the recent storms, “What are the approved Woodbridge HOA Front Yard Trees?”

When Woodbridge was established as a planned development, the City of Sachse Streetscape Plan and Guidelines, 1996 was included in the CC&R’s as Exhibit “F” and identifies the “Large Tree” species that are approved for Woodbridge HOA front yard trees.Sachse Streetscape Plan - FireBossRealty.com

I Don't Like Those Trees... Can I Plant A ________?

We have researched what it would take to update the list of trees in the Woodbridge HOA CC&R’s. When Woodbridge was established, the City of Sachse Streetscape Plan and Guideline, 1996 was incorporated as part of the documents for the planned development. We have been advised it would require refiling the paperwork for the planned development… that is not a simple or inexpensive task. 

So for now, even a Himalayan Cypress (Cupressus Torulosa) doesn’t meet the requirements for Woodbridge HOA trees.

What Can I Plant In the Backyard?

There is not a list of approved trees for the backyard of properties in the Woodbridge HOA. If you would like to plant your Himalayan Cypress (Cupressus Torulosa) in the backyard… that would be fine.

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