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Financial Fitness Friday

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Financial Fitness Friday

Take Control Of Your Personal Finances In 2023

According to a study by the Ramsey Solutions research team, 40% of Americans say their financial situation has caused them to lose sleep in the past month. If that’s not you, that’s awesome… but it’s likely that it has been you at some point in the past. The reality is, most people were not taught how to take control of their personal finances when they were growing up. Most of us went to “the school of hard knocks” and I have to tell you… at the school of hard knocks… the tuition is high… the homework is hard… and no one forgives your student debt!

The good news is… you can learn how to handle money so that it doesn’t have control over you… you can learn to take control of your personal finances so that you aren‘t living pay check to pay check.

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It’s Property Tax Appraisal Season

It’s Property Tax Appraisal Season Again! It’s that property tax appraisal season time of year again… when homeowners get a little bipolar.  On one hand, they are delighted about all of the equity they have in their home and about the market value that has increased dramatically in the last couple of years… it’s an excited,

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Texas Tax Free Weekend - FireBoss Realty

Texas Tax Free Weekend 2014 is August 8th – 10th!!!

Texas Tax Free Weekend 2014 is August 8th – 10th The State of Texas officially calls it a Sales Tax Holiday and has scheduled it for this weekend, August 8th thru 10th. All weekend the State will exempt most clothing, footwear, school supplies and backpacks priced under $100 from sales and use taxes, which could save you about $8.25 on every

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How Ego Affects Leadership

I read an excellent article by David Witt today about how ego affects leadership. David is the Program Director for The Ken Blanchard Companies and published this article in Chief Learning Officer. The title of the article is When Ego Trumps the Company. The article, published July 24, 2014, starts with: Ego is only a few

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Irving Cares Earns a 4-Star Rating

Congratulations to Teddy Story and Irving Cares for earning the coveted 4-star rating from Charity Navigator. Here is the Dallas Morning Story by Deborah Fleck Irving Cares earns 4-star rating Irving Cares’ sound fiscal management practices and commitment to accountability and transparency have earned it a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator, America’s largest independent charity evaluator. It’s

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