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Financial Fitness Friday – Seven Credit Card Danger Signs and A High Tech Reason Not To Carry Them!

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FPU CreditcardectomyCredit cards are often used as extensions of our income but just because we have a high credit limit doesn’t mean we’re free to purchase whatever we want. Amie and I found this out the hard way by racking up credit card debt multiple times. Here are seven credit card danger signs and a high tech reason not to carry them!

If you can’t handle your credit cards responsibly and pay them off every month… it may be time to turn them into Shredd-It-Cards! We have a shredder and a beautiful glass jar full of Shredd-It-Cards.

Seven Danger Signs…

Check out this list and see if you have any of the danger signs that your credit cards are out of control…

Sign #1: You receive a credit card bill in the mail and cannot pay it in full… Do you have credit card bills you cannot pay in full each month?

Sign #2: You are using your credit cards out of necessity, rather than convenience… Do you ever use credit cards because you don’t have the money in your checking account?

Sign #3: You see an upward trend in your credit card debt… What is the trend? Up or Down?

Sign #4: You are paying the minimum payment each month… Are you paying the minimum payment each month?

Sign #5: You are thinking about financial problems every day… Do you have a high level of stress due to credit card debt?

Sign #6: You are transferring balances from one credit card company to another… During the last six months, have you transferred a balance from one credit card company to another?

Sign #7: You are hoping for another credit card application to arrive in your mailbox… How many of the seven warning signs do you have?

Dave RamseyIf you find yourself identifying with one or more of these danger signs it’s time to create a budget to live by. You’ve gotta be knowing where the dollars are going!!! If you don’t give every dollar a name before you get it it will evaporate into the air and you will just be left wondering where it went!

If you need help organizing your finances please give us a call. Amie and I have been to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Counselor training at Financial Peace Plaza in Brentwood Tennessee and would be happy to help you develop a budget that will start you on a path toward FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!

The High Tech Reason…

You spending too much money on your credit card is bad enough but here is another reason you may not want to carry a credit card with you anymore…


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