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Woodbridge HOA Roof Colors

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Woodbridge HOA Roof Colors

With the storm that just blew through our neighborhood there are going to be a lot of questions about Woodbridge HOA Roof Colors.

Currently, the only allowed Woodbridge HOA roof color is Weathered Wood. 

Section 4.03 Roof construction and materials in the governing documents state…

Woodbridge HOA Current Roof Design Guidelines


New Roof Colors

Almost two years ago, the Woodbridge Board of Directors recommended changes be made to the Woodbridge HOA Governing Documents. One of those changes was that additional roof colors be added to the options available to homeowners.

There were considerable negotiations with the declarant about some of the changes requested to the governing documents. Ultimately, the Woodbridge Board of Directors and the Declarant came to an agreement.

One of these changes added three additional shingle colors that will be approved for Woodbridge HOA Roof Colors.

The new version of Section 4.03 Roof construction and materials will state…

Revised Woodbridge HOA Roof Colors

Unofficially Official... If That's A Thing

While the Woodbridge HOA Board of Directors have requested the change to the Woodbridge HOA governing documents, which includes roof colors, and the Declarant has signed off on the changes. The documents are currently being reviewed by the HOA attorney and will then need to be filed with both the Dallas County and the Collin County Clerks Offices.

Once those official filings are made, the Board of Directors will approve the changes at the next quarterly board meeting. We are waiting to schedule the board meeting until we know that the documents will be filed and the approval can be made. After the documents are filed and are approved at the meeting, the new roof colors will officially be available for Woodbridge Homeowners to choose from when replacing their roofs.

With the storm impacting so many Woodbridge Homeowners, the board of directors have agreed to allow the additional roof colors to be approved for use prior to the official adoption of the changes.

When planning the repairs on your roof, the approved colors will be…

Woodbridge Shingle Colors

You can’t really predict the Texas weather, but this storm did bring with it a change that Woodbridge Homeowners have been asking for…

Architectural Review Application

Please log into the Woodbridge HOA Residents Portal located at WoodbridgeTX.com. Click on the Architectural Modifications button in the center of the screen. Fill out the application and choose “Roof” for project type. DO NOT CHOOSE “ROOF REPLACEMENT” this is an old link, and this is not the form you are looking for. (as I was typing that, I heard it in the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi) A blue “Roof Replacement” link will appear next to “Fill out the form for roof replacement”. Click the blue link and complete the form.

The first question will ask, “Does your roof replacement singles match your current Weathered Wood shingles. If they do, you can mark yes. If they do not, mark No and indicate either Pewter Gray, Charcoal, or Mission Brown as the replacement color. These are the only colors that will be approved, ALL OTHER COLORS VIOLATE THE WOODBRIDGE HOA DESIGN GUIDELINES AND WILL NOT BE APPROVED.

Complete the rest of the form and attach it in the Project Documents section of the application and submit the form.

Anytime there is a change to the outside of a property, the HOA needs to document the change to prevent any confusion concerning violations of the governing documents in the future. Please keep all documentation received from the HOA approving architectural modifications… it may come in handy in the future.


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