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Woodbridge HOA Board of Directors Meeting Notes

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The Woodbridge Homeowners Association Board of Directors met on July 24, 2014, at 7:00 pm at the Woodbridge Golf Club. As a neighborhood Rep for the Meadows, I attended and took these notes. These are not the official minutes just personal notes that I wanted to pass along to any of the Woodbridge Residents that were not able to attend the meeting.

Social Committee

Woodbridge Fishing Tournament - FireBoss RealtyThe social committee has been very active recently with the Fishing Tournament and the Teen Luau at the pool. The Fishing Tournament & Teen Luau were well attended but more adult assistance is needed to improve these kid-friendly events. Please consider playing a role on the social committee even if it is just helping out at the events.

Canyon Crest Pool

Woodbridge Canyon Crest Pool ConstructionConstruction of the Canyon Crest pool has started. From the sounds of the construction schedule, it may be opened for the end of this year’s swim season but I’ve watched that project long enough to plan on using it when the swim season opens next year.

Woodbridge Parkway

Woodbridge Parkway should be open from 78 to 544 by November. They will work on the road in front of Cooper Jr. High and Draper Intermediate first so that the road is complete before school starts and then work their way to the connection at Cody Ln.

The Mansions at Woodbridge

The Mansions at Woodbridge - FireBoss RealtyThe Mansions at Woodbridge are scheduled to move their first tenants in next week. When completed there will be 381 units. If you would like to see a digital brochure of the apartments or take a virtual tour Click Here.

Its Just Fill Dirt

All of the dirt movement near Hwy 78 is not a specific development project. There was fill dirt available from the Woodbridge Parkway bridge construction and it was moved to that location for later use when that area is developed.

Pet Waste Stations

Pet Waste StationsThere was a discussion on the pet waste stations for the trails. The discussion was had about the installation of pet waste stations at all 34 entrances to the trails or limiting the installation to 18 strategically placed pet waste stations. This will include the installation of the stations as well as the service and maintenance of the stations. It was decided that 18 pet waste stations would be a good starting place and if additional stations were needed they would be added at a later date.

Solar Device Policy

The 82nd Texas Legislature enacted HB 362:

The bill prohibits a HOA from including or enforcing a provision in its dedicatory instruments that prohibits or restricts a homeowner from installing a solar energy device (definition here). Tex. Prop. Code 202.010(b) (pending effective date and review of governor). Source

There are MANY exceptions that allow a HOA to prohibit the use solar devices. Click Here for more about the exceptions. The one that is being used in Woodbridge is:

In the case of developments or subdivisions that are still under the builder’s control and the HOA has not yet transferred to the property owners, the builder can prohibit or restrict a homeowner for installing a solar energy device. Source

Simply put… There is no need to go pricing any Photovoltaic or solar water heating units any time soon.

Trash and Recycle Container Amendment

Woodbridge Trash and Recycle Container Locations(This one will affect virtually everyone in Woodbridge.)

A new Trash and Recycle Container Amendment was added to the HOA design guidelines. Basically, if you have a front entry garage, your trash cans cannot be visible from the street unless it’s your trash day. They can be placed at the street for trash collection at 8:00 pm on the day prior to your trash pickup day and must be removed by the end of the day on your trash pick-up day.

If you have a rear entry garage, you can store your trash cans adjacent to the garage or anywhere along your driveway, outside of the alley right of way. (If you are looking down the alley, you shouldn’t see any trash cans past the fence lines.)

See the attached amendment – It was voted on and passed by the board at the meeting. Click this link for a PDF version of the Amendment ~ Trash & Recycle Container Amendment

Rock Pool

Woodbridge - Rock Pool - FireBoss RealtyThere was a discussion about replacing the rusted railing at the rock pool and repairing or replacing the gate at the rock pool. The railing replacement was approved but the discussion about the gate replacement led to a request for the management company to get further bids on the gate to ensure that it would be substantial enough to withstand the heavy use that it gets.

Drought Resistant Plants

Drought Resistant PlantsThe idea of planting drought-resistant landscaping where the seasonal color is usually planted was presented to the board. The board was not interested in “desert-looking plants.” This request came from homeowners. If homeowners would like for this to happen it will take some more research and input before the board will entertain this expenditure.

Turning the Board Over to the Homeowners

The board is currently working on a complete rewrite of the governing documents because the HOA Board of Directors is due to turn from a developer controlled board to a homeowner controlled board within two years. Part of this process is developing a policy on how to develop committees and implementing a mechanism to establish a homeowner architectural committee to approve property modifications.

If you have questions about any of these items send me an email at Scott@FireBossRealty.com and I’ll try to get you an answer or you can direct them to your neighborhood rep by clicking here.

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