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Woodbridge Neighborhood Rep Elections

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Woodbridge Neighborhood Rep Elections 2023

Your Woodbridge neighbors need YOU to seriously consider serving as a Neighborhood Representative


Woodbridge Neighborhood Rep Elections will be held immediately after the Annual Meeting of the Board of Directors scheduled for 6:00 pm this Thursday, March 23rd, 2023. 

The meeting will be held at Collin College 391 Country Club Rd., Room 106, Wylie, TX 75098

The governing documents of the Woodbridge Homeowner Association break down the community into various neighborhoods. Each neighborhood has elected representatives who are critical to your representation to the Board of Directors. 

Woodbridge has 12 neighborhoods, each having one representative for every one hundred (100) lots, rounded to the nearest hundred. Neighborhood Representatives are elected for two year terms by the homeowners within each neighborhood, or may be appointed by the Board in some cases. 

The terms for the Representatives are staggered, so most neighborhoods elect at least one new representative each year. COVID canceled in person meetings in 2020 and several of the staggered terms expired without new Neighborhood Reps being elected. Currently, all of the Neighborhood Rep positions are open and available. We are in need of volunteers to fill those all of these positions. 

If you would like to know which neighborhood you live in, you may consult The Neighborhoods of Woodbridge map below. Just zoom in on your home and click the map… A panel will slide out on the left indicating which Woodbridge Neighborhood your home is in.

The primary role of a Woodbridge Neighborhood Representative is to elect the members of the Board of Directors at the annual meeting. The Board of Directors serve in staggered terms and the Neighborhood Representatives have the sole authority to fill the vacant Board of Director positions.

Expanding the Role Neighborhood Reps

The Woodbridge HOA is still under declarant control and the developer has retained the right to alter the Woodbridge governing documents at their sole discretion. However, declarant control will come to an end sometime this year when their final remaining lots are sold to the builders.

Currently, any changes made to the Woodbridge Governing Documents require:

the written consent or approval of sixty-seven percent (67%) or more of the total eligible individual votes of the Association Members voting one vote per Lot on their own behalf (not by Neighborhood Representatives).

With the number of rental properties owned by corporate or other individual entities, it would be virtually impossible for an HOA the size of Woodbridge to ever make any alterations to the governing documents. While the declarant still has the authority to make changes to the governing documents, the Board of Directors has asked for multiple changes and these changes will be voted on at the upcoming board meeting.

One of the changes the Board of Directors has requested impacts the homeowner’s ability to facilitate changes to the governing documents after the end of the declarant period. This change to the governing documents states:

Covenant & Restrictions – Article III: Membership and Voting Rights in The Association

Membership Vote: For a vote to pass, requires 67% of all Neighborhood Rep positions in approval plus a minimum of 10% of all homeowners in approval; however, if more homeowners disapprove than approve, it fails. Voting may be in person or via proxy.

This change allows the neighborhood representatives to use the same proxy voting currently used to install members to the Board of Directors in combination with at least 10% of all individual homeowners to make changes to the governing documents.

This is a major addition to the role of Neighborhood Representatives and your participation is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY for our neighborhood to function appropriately as we move out of the declarant period and into a completely homeowner-governed HOA.


What Neighborhood Rep Positions Are Available

Neighborhood representatives serve two year terms. COVID canceled our in person meetings and caused our staggered terms for neighborhood reps to all expire this year. That means all of the neighborhood rep positions are open and available to be filled this year. A request for neighborhood reps was sent out to all homeowners by email and snail mail in the last couple of months. Some candidate applications were received, however, there are still several vacancies that need to be filled. Here is the complete list of neighborhood rep positions that are available…

The Courts/Estates Neighborhood- 2 Positions

The Vista/Summit Neighborhood – 3 Positions

The Crest North Neighborhood – 3 Positions

The Crest South Neighborhood – 2 Positions

The Fairways Neighborhood – 4 Positions

The Glen Neighborhood – 4 Positions

The Highlands Neighborhood – 4 Positions

The Hills Neighborhood – 3 Positions

The Meadows Neighborhood – 4 Positions

The Lakes Neighborhood – 3 Positions

The Parke Neighborhood – 2 Positions

The Glade Neighborhood – 2 Positions (This phase is still under development. There are possibly more positions available, we’ll need to confirm the current homeowner lot count.)

We have currently received candidate applications from Laurie Steenis – The Crest North, Mark Roux – The Fairways, Deborah Lewis – The Fairways, Janice Montgomery – The Lakes, Mark Kilduff – The Parke, and Debbie Castillo – The Parke.

Woodbridge Needs Your Help

As you can see, there are several open Neighborhood Rep positions available. As we move into Homeowner Control of the HOA, we need you to volunteer a small portion of your time to help govern and administer the processes of the association.

You must be and owner and resident of a lot in the neighborhood that you are nominated to serve and must be in good standing with the association.

 Owners who are interested can self-nominate, be nominated by the Board of Directors, or be nominated from the floor at the electing meeting on March 23, 2023.

If you are interested in serving as a neighborhood representative but still have questions that you would like answered, please feel free to contact me, any of the other members of the Board of Directors, or the Association Manager – Shonna Brown.

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