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The Bridge Connection Has a Great Big Heart For UNITY in COMM-UNITY

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In March of 2006, Russell and Ginger Shocklee took their family on a short term mission trip to Ten Thousand Homes in South Africa with the intent of “building HOPE and creating HOMES for Africa’s orphaned and vulnerable children.” What they discovered once they got there completely changed the course of their lives and the lives of those hurting and in need in the Wylie area.

In South Africa they discovered people so impoverished that they were living in structures made from the trash that they found laying beside the road… People who didn’t know when they might be able to eat next or where that meal might come from… Young children raising their younger siblings because they had lost their parents to the AIDS epidemic that had ravished that country. In the midst of all of this poverty and need they also found COMMUNITY. They found people with hearts of service; people so poor they couldn’t afford a comfort zone to get out of; people who would go out every day and check on their neighbors; people who would pray for their neighbors;  and people who would offer what little they had to strangers from the other side of the world.

What they found was the UNITY in COMM-UNITY and they wanted to experience it more. Their immediate reaction was to sell all of their possessions and move to Africa but that was not what God had in mind. During 24 hours of prayer, God gave Ginger a plan for UNITY in COMM-UNITY right here in the Wylie area where we live and work. A unity that would bring together churches, businesses, schools, cities, and other non-profit organizations to not only meet the physical needs of those less fortunate in our community but also to provide real relationships that offer dignity and value to those who are looking for a hand-up not just a hand-out.

Today The Bridge Connection is much more than a dream. It is a reality… but the vision is enormous and they could use your help. Believe it or not, you are uniquely gifted in some way to offer UNITY in COMM-UNITY. Check out this video and look for things that you might help with… I don’t think it’s possible to bless others without being more blessed in return!


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