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Firefighters Stand-Down for Safety

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The memorial service for the fallen Houston Firefighters was today.


Starting Friday July 7th – STAND-DOWN FOR SAFETY!!!

The Texas Fire Chief’s Association, State Firemen’s and Fire Marshal’s Association, Texas State Association of Fire Fighters, and the Texas State Fire Marshal’s Office are asking the Texas Fire Service to Stand-down for Safety. To date this calendar year, the TX State Fire Marshal’s Office reports 18 firefighter LODD’s in Texas.

Partnering organizations ask all fire departments, career, combination, and volunteer and all training institutions and organizations that work with, by or for the fire service and are actively engaged in activity that may pose a heightened risk for injury or death, cease all routine activity on Friday, June 7, 2013, and each shift thereafter to include all firefighters, so that all may actively review:

Operational policy and procedure as it relates to engagement in firefighting activity.
Review risk v. benefit
Review victim survivability profile
Review dangers of wind driven fires
Review incident management system used by your department
Review safety officer, mayday and rapid intervention system used by your department
Review communications procedures used by your department
Rules of Engagement: http://www.iafcsafety.org/image/ROE_Poster.pdf

Operational policy and procedure as it relates to personal protective equipment and SCBA.
Demonstrate proficiency in donning PPE
Demonstrate proficiency in donning SCBA
Demonstrate knowledge in skill; reduced profile, controlled breathing
Operational policy as it relates to pre-incident planning of target hazards.
Review preplans of target hazards in your district
Operational policy as it relates to emergency vehicle driving.
Operational policy as it relates to firefighter rehab and physical fitness.
Review the 16 Firefighter LifeSafety Initiatives.
Everyone Goes Home LifeSafety Initiatives: http://lifesafetyinitiatives.com/

Partnering organizations are drawing attention to the high number of Texas Line-of-Duty Deaths this year. Take the time to suspend all routine activity on June 7, 2013, and consecutive days thereafter to ensure all firefighters are given opportunity to review for high risk activities.

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