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Follow Up on Wylie Last Monday Trade Days

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On Wednesday I posted about the Grand Opening of Wylie Last Monday Trade Days so I thought I’d follow-up with a post about what I thought.

The location is awesome! If you are going North on Hwy 78 you turn right just past the RaceTrac at Brown & 78. The entrance is right next to the big metal building with the Wylie Last Monday Trade Days sign on it.

There was plenty of parking close to the entrance and several helpful people directing traffic in the parking area.

Once you entered the vendor area there was plenty to see and shop for. If you were hungry, you were greeted with a smile by Pitter’s Barbeque. Good BBQ at a good price is hard to beat but that was just the start. The vendors were very diverse and offered clothing, pillows, wall art, jewelry, pets, yard art, pony rides, kettle corn, furniture, leather goods, steer horns, Advocare products, and so much more.

The attendance wasn’t overwhelming but there was a steady flow of people the entire time that we were there.

For the first Last Monday I was very impressed. I predict the Wylie Last Monday Trade Days will grow to fill the 20 to 30 acre property that they are currently using and will offer a close-in venue for vendors and shoppers alike.

The organizers have even considered the traffic patterns and direct you out through the back of the parking area to avoid vehicle congestion as people are coming and going.

Today is the last day for the Grand Opening Weekend so go on by between 8 am and 5 pm.

If you attended, don’t forget to LEAVE A COMMENT about what you thought about the Wylie Last Monday Trade Days!

Check out the picture Gallery to get an idea of what’s available.

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