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AHMO – Friday Night Lights and the Annual “What is AHMO?”

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What is AHMO?

AHMO – it says so much if you’re from Wylie, TX but the rest of the world thinks it’s a foreign language. Every year, sometime during the football season, someone asks the question again and the story gets refreshed for another year.

ESPN Said:

WYLIE, Texas — Something in the water here must breed those mystical nicknames for Texas high school football programs, their very mention evoking screams and tears from players and fans, as if set off subliminally.

“Friday Night Lights” exposed the nation to West Texas’ Odessa Permian and its “Mojo.” In East Texas, at John Tyler High School, there’s “Cujo,” linked to the Lions instead of any ferocious dog.

And just northeast of Dallas, in eastern Collin County, there are the Wylie Pirates and their “AHMO.” That’s printed on their football jerseys, and has even been trademarked. T-shirts read: “AHMO … it’s a Wylie thing.”

Ted Madden with WFAA said:

Wylie high school has been using “AHMO” as its rallying cry for more than 30 years. It’s on the flag the football team carries out onto the field. You’ll see “AHMO” stickers on cars and trucks of Wylie supporters. They’ll even wear “AHMO” on their jerseys during the playoffs. But what does it mean?

Sports DayHS in the Dallas Morning News said:

The most predictable part of any deep playoff run by Wylie is the question about “AHMO,” which is chanted by Wylie fans and printed on the jerseys. So here’s the explanation, from a story we ran a few years back:

What is “AHMO?”

This year DFW CBS11 asked the question and ran the story.

Here’s the video – Enjoy!

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