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About FireBoss Realty

FIREBOSS REALTY BELIEVES THAT “LIFE IS RELATIONSHIPS… and everything else is just details.”

Like all good relationships, we want to listen so we can understand the unique needs and wants of your family and communicate up-to-date expert feedback on the Northeast DFW real estate market. If you are ready to market your home, we will advise you on a pricing strategy that is consistent with your goals, provide a staging consultation with a professional home stager, aggressively market your property using multiple channels, negotiate the contract details, and stay right by your side until the transaction is closed and funded.

We will also champion your search for an awesome new home, in a great neighborhood and provide the technology to find, negotiate and close on the home of your dreams. Our personalized service is designed to encourage you to refer us to your friends and family and never even consider using anyone else for your real estate needs in the future.

The FireBoss Realty Story

Al Hendricks - FireBossRealty.comFireBoss Realty started at the Chick-Fil-A in Murphy, Texas. Al Hendricks had lunch at that Chick-Fil-A every day at 11:52 am. He really liked watching the people that came through during the lunch crowd but he didn’t like to stand in line. Al had been a real estate appraiser for twenty five years in Chicago before his health forced him to retire. He had moved to Kansas and then made his way down to Texas to live near us.

I met Al for lunch one day and he was not having the best of days. He didn’t like being retired and hadn’t gotten as much of his yard done that day as he had planned because his body wouldn’t cooperate. We were visiting about being retired and his desire to have a job so he could go to work somewhere. In the middle of that conversation, he said, “You need to find something that you will be able to do when you get old and you won’t be able to fight fire when you are old.” We continued our conversation and about ten minutes later he said, “You need to get a real estate license. You’ve got that lady down here that is really old and she is still selling real estate.” He was talking about Ebby Halliday who was 100 years old and still going to the office every day.

I considered his sage advice, discussed going into real estate with Amie and we started taking the necessary courses to obtain our real estate licenses.

Al passed away before we could get our license but his legacy lives on through FireBoss Realty.

What Is A FireBoss?

Fire Boss Engineering - FireBossRealty.comScott Johnson Sr. started his career in the fire service on January 5, 1987. After attending Rookie School, he was assigned to E-7 on “B” Shift. When he reported for duty, on his first day at the fire station, the front line engine was at the shop for repairs and in its place was a reserve fire engine. The very first fire engine that Scott Johnson Sr. ever rode on as a firefighter was a 1968 Fire Boss fire engine manufactured by the Fire Control Engineering Company out of Fort Worth, Texas.

This engine had a 750 GPM two stage pump, 3” supply hose and an open cab. Some people called it a convertible but there was no converting to it… there was simply no roof for the cab. If it rained you got wet and if it hailed you got pounded. There was a tarp to keep the

1968 Fire Boss Pumper - FireBossRealty.com
Photo credit to Travis Eden from the book Firefighter: In Angel Hands

cotton jacketed hose dry and protected from the sun but there was nothing to protect the people that were manning this apparatus. The fire department owned two of these fire engines and to this day they are still the only vehicles that I have ever seen with windshield wipers inside and out. A lot of great days were spent responding on “The Fire Boss.” For me this was the vehicle I used to start what I consider the greatest career on the planet… It only seemed appropriate for it to also be used as the vehicle for starting the second greatest career on the planet… FireBoss Realty!

The FireBoss Realty Culture

FireBoss Realty is based on the concept that “Life is Relationships… and everything else is just details!”

This concept permeates our lives, and our business, and is the basis of all of our decision-making processes. It is others-focused and seeks to do the right thing for those that we are interacting with in all situations. We believe having an others focus honors God and imitates the life lived by His son Jesus Christ.

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